6th December 2018

Brimming with promise and committed to realising it, the talent of Gen Y will be in action at TMRW at KEYES ART MILE as part of the Virtual Spaces artists open studio and public engagement workshops.

Participating Artists:
Adilson de Oliveira, Allyssa Staci Herman, Giggs KgoleMaggie HandNomonde Mtetwa and Seth Pimentel.

Each artist has spent some time drawing in 3D and will display the results of their interaction with the technology at First Thursdays.

Sound Installation: Objects In Transit - Adrian Fortuin and Riley Pam-Grant

The life of an ordinary contemporary object begins at the conception of its ideal self or version. This often takes the form of a mediated image which seeks to uphold the plastic nature of perfection in a commodified territory. The diverse ways in which these spaces and objects exist was a keen topic of consideration for our research, and presents itself both in the physicality of the installation, as well as the content of the videos and sound.

Looking at a bright screen depicting a mediated version of a space or object changes the orientation of the light, from typically illuminating a space or product in a top-down illumination, to looking into the light to find that these objects and spaces exist in virtual realms, such as google maps, but also as mediated versions of themselves in advertisements and spam.

There is a certain tension in this process of transition between the physical to virtual that the installation exploits. Objects exist in the space, physically and as representations in relation to their mediated cousins. We too, exist in the space and are objectified as images in frame, so are the viewers that interact with the space. Further representation takes place in a stylized mode or aesthetic of contemporary art, which becomes yet another mediated idealization to which we insert ourselves in.

In the context of a globalising society and a multifaceted identity that transcends physical borders and boundaries, this installation speaks quite specifically to how technology and social media platforms transcend these boundaries in creating virtual iterations of spaces.

OBJECTS IN TRANSIT is a multi-disciplinary collaboration between Adrian Fortuin and Riley Pam-Grant that began with a shared interest in the physicality of objects existing in spaces of consumption, and the virtual representations and manifestations thereof, that transition and transcend a multiplicity of boundaries from the physical to the virtual. This work exists in the form of expanded video, sound and performance installations.