11 April - 4 May 2019

Side By Side: Two interactive and visually driven VR narratives.

'Ophelia Forever' - 2019.
Olivié Keck

'Ophelia Forever' forms part of Olivié Keck’s latest body of work entitled Drop Dead Gorgeous, 2019 opening at Everard Read Gallery Johannesburg.

This Virtual Reality experience reimagines and re-contextualises a contemporary iteration of Ophelia using the digital medium of Virtual Reality. Keck brings this classic story to life with her contemporary love of colour and form. The work immerses the viewer in the uneasy sensation of voyeurism, and as the viewer steps inside a moving painting, they become witness to a colourful crime of passion suspended in time and motion.

Collaborators: Programming by Evan Greenwood, Sound by Jason Sutherland.


'Between Homes, Between Forms, Between Languages' - 2019. Sepideh Mehraban, Kathy Robins, Olivié Keck

'Between Homes, Between Forms, Between Languages' is a response to the current issues around diaspora, belonging and the concept of home. Each artist has responded to the abstract notion of language, home and space within the immersive digital medium of Virtual Reality.

'The Disco Of Dying Languages' (by Olivié Keck) is a tribute to dying and extinct languages around the world today. The format of a disco is synonymous with celebration and when articulated in the medium of VR, it is intended to remind the viewer that the past informs the future and should not be forgotten.

'The Universal Declaration of Human Rights' (by Sepideh Mehraban)is a response to the manifesto of basic human rights, established in Paris in 1948. It states that everyone is free to express independent thought and live freely in the world. By translating this text into VR, the artist reminds us of society’s failure to fulfil these promises in today’s world.

'Homage' (by Kathy Robins) is a sensual experience that references climate change and the physical elements; earth, water, air and fire. Combining nature and space is an inspiration for this trajectory that defies the formal limitations of reality and the promise of the future.

This collaborative project explores the belief that VR should be a universal landscape that exists without boundaries, limitation or territory - A new frontier to explore a brave new world.

Collaborators: Programming by Evan Greenwood, Sound by Jason Sutherland