March - April 2018

The Invisible Exhibition features augmented and virtual reality sculptural drawings by Mbongeni Fakudze, Stephen Hobbs, Robyn Penn, Minnette Vári, William Kentridge, Lehlogonolo Mashaba, Andrew Kayser, Marcus Neustetter, Deborah Bell, Faith47, Fred Clarke, Colleen Alborough, Janus Fouché and Robin Rhode. The work stems from season 2 of the the experimental project driven Centre For The Less Good Idea.

About The Centre For The Less Good Idea

Founded by William Kentridge the Centre aims to find the less good idea by creating and supporting experimental, collaborative and cross-disciplinary arts projects.

The Centre is a physical and immaterial space to pursue incidental discoveries made in the process of producing  work. Often, you start with a good idea, It might seem crystal clear at first, but when you take it to the proverbial drawing board, cracks and fissures emerge in its surface, and they cannot be ignored. It is in following the secondary ideas, those less good ideas coined to address the first idea’s cracks, that the Centre nurtures, arguing that in the act of playing with an idea, you can recognise those things you didn’t know in advance but knew somewhere inside of you.

The Centre is a space to  follow impulses, connections and revelations. It’s a physical space for artists to come together over two seasons every year and for curators to bring together combinations of text, performance, image and dance. The Centre believes an ensemble sees the world differently to how one individual does. It is a safe space for failure, for projects to be tried and discarded because they do not work. It’s a space for short form work which doesn’t have a natural home in a theatre or gallery.